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MRO services

Apator Control is a Polish company with many years of experience in the field of drive technology. The company is considered to be one of the leading manufacturers and distributors in the industry for whom professional service is an important area of activity.
It is a whole range of services aimed at providing maximum efficiency of devices of our clients, and thus a pleasant and comfortable operation for their electrical staff. Fast and efficient service with highly qualified staff and well-equipped technical resources of Apator Control is a good and trustworthy business partner and guarantor of success.

Scope of support

  • MRO services for production systems and units
  • installation and commissioning of drive systems
  • commissioning of process control components and regulation of the process
  • modernisation of older equipment, renovations, reconstructions
  • regular and periodic inspections of drive units, diagnostics, maintenance
  • personnel training in the field of units and systems deployed to production
  • technical advice, basic information in the field of drive technology
  • consultancy and automation system designing
  • maintenance agreements
  • picking and supply of spare parts
  • relocation of drive units with disassembly and reassembly



Sławomir Rybicki

Service Center Manager 

+48 506 009 276

+48 56 654 49 25


Krzysztof Filipczak

Service Specialist


+48 697 102 396

+48 56 654 49 26

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